Characterization of Membranes for Membrane-Based Salinity-Gradient Processes

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Membrane-Based Salinity Gradient Processes for Water Treatment and Power Generation, 2018, pp. 125 - 154
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Pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) is one of the alternative applications for harvesting renewable energy by a natural phenomenon. As a particular free energy, the salinity gradient energy (SGE) from saline solutions with different concentrations has recently been revitalized as a renewable energy source. In recent studies for development of PRO membranes, various attempts and novel applications have been conducted for enhancing energy production as well as an ease of the membrane modulation. At this stage, newly developed PRO membranes should be clearly characterized and evaluated to find the reason why novel approaches are attractive for its performance improvement compared to commercial and existing PRO membranes. In this chapter, therefore we would like to suggest the guideline for PRO membrane characterization in which most of contents are made of various attempts and investigations in literature. This chapter aims to understand various characterizations for PRO membranes to confirm the proof of the performance improvement for its purpose.
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