Instantaneous deflection of self-compacting and lightweight concrete slabs at early-age

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Journal Article
Engineering Solid Mechanics, 2018, 6 (2), pp. 143 - 154
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© 2018 Growing Science Ltd. All rights reserved. This paper describes laboratory tests on twelve simply-supported one-way slabs including four lightweight concrete slabs in this study and previously conducted experiments on eight self-compacting reinforced concrete slabs subjected to loading at the age of 14 days. All slab were identical by dimensions of 3.8 m long supported on 3.5 m span, 400 mm wide, and 161 mm deep with 4N12 bars at an effective depth of 136 mm providing a reinforcement ratio of 0.008. After seven days moist-curing, the specimens were removed from the formworks and subjected to different values of the uniformly distributed loading including the self-weight of slabs. The mid-span deflection of slabs was recorded immediately after putting the loading blocks on the slabs. Despite close values of the compressive strength of the mixtures, the obtained results validate the effect of the concrete type on the instantaneous deflection of slabs. A wide range of existing models of the effective stiffness of reinforced concrete section were investigated to predict the instantaneous deflection of slabs. Majority of the models are developed for conventional concrete. Comparing the predicted and experimental results of mid-span deflection confirmed that the existing models are inadequate for lightly reinforced specimens such as slabs. New models are proposed and verified to predict the effective moment of inertia in the slabs with and without fiber reinforcing concretes.
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