Investigations of Non-Physical Characteristic Modes of Material Bodies

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2018, 6 pp. 17198 - 17204
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© 2018 IEEE. Recently, researchers noticed that there are non-physical modes in characteristic modes of material bodies. In this paper, those non-physical modes are investigated. The reason for the non-physical modes is discussed. The influence of integral equations' internal resonance on the non-physical modes are studied. It is concluded that the internal resonance is not responsible for the non-physical modes. Meanwhile, based on the extinction theorem, the dependent relationship between the equivalent surface electric and magnetic currents are proposed, and it is observed that the non-physical modes do not obey the dependent relationship, whereas the physical modes are governed by the dependent relationship. Therefore, it can be concluded that the lack of the dependent relationship causes the non-physical modes. Besides, based on the dependent relationship, a novel post-processing method to remove the non-physical modes is proposed. Numerical results of a dielectric cylinder are presented to validate the discussions and new post-processing method.
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