Low-loss narrowband filtering switch based on coaxial resonators

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2018, 6 pp. 47717 - 47722
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© 2013 IEEE. In this paper, a narrowband filtering switch with low loss and high selectivity is presented based on coaxial resonators for the first time. PIN diodes mounted on the printed circuit boards are embedded into a coaxial filter to enable ON and OFF states. In the ON-state, the PIN diodes are turned OFF, which do not introduce the loss and affect the linearity. Two transmission zeros are generated by a novel feeding structure, which improves the skirt selectivity. In the OFF-state, the PIN diodes are turned on. Then, lumped capacitors are loaded to the coaxial resonators so that the resonant frequencies of the resonators are changed. The passband at the operating frequency cannot be formed, resulting in high isolation. For demonstration, the coaxial-resonator-based filtering switch is designed and fabricated. Good agreement between simulated and measured results verifies the proposed ideas. Comparison with other reported filtering switches is given. The proposed filtering switch shows the advantages of high Q-factor, relatively compact size, and wide stopband responses, which is attractive in wireless systems.
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