Perceptual Quality Evaluation of 3D Triangle Mesh: A Technical Review

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Conference Proceeding
ICALIP 2018 - 6th International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing, 2018, pp. 266 - 272
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© 2018 IEEE. During mesh processing operations (e.g. simplifications, compression, and watermarking), a 3D triangle mesh is subject to various visible distortions on mesh surface which result in a need to estimate visual quality. The necessity of perceptual quality evaluation is already established, as in most cases, human beings are the end users of 3D meshes. To measure such kinds of distortions, the metrics that consider geometric measures integrating human visual system (HVS) is called perceptual quality metrics. In this paper, we direct an expansive study on 3D mesh quality evaluation mostly focusing on recently proposed perceptual based metrics. We limit our study on greyscale static mesh evaluation and attempt to figure out the most workable method for real-Time evaluation by making a quantitative comparison. This paper also discusses in detail how to evaluate objective metric's performance with existing subjective databases. In this work, we likewise research the utilization of the psychometric function to expel non-linearity between subjective and objective values. Finally, we draw a comparison among some selected quality metrics and it shows that curvature tensor based quality metrics predicts consistent result in terms of correlation.
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