Birth and death, and in between: suspension… …the state in which the particles of a substance are mixed with a fluid but are undissolved; the state of being suspended

American Association of Australian Literary Studies
Antipodes, 2019
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Birth and death, and in between: suspension…is a braided personal essay constellating dementia, death, love, family and loss. Situating itself within the creative nonfiction genre, the intention of this personal essay is to expand the narrative of loss through dementia, juxtaposed against the sudden loss of a son/brother. The threads are multiple: the mother’s illness; the son/brother’s death; the daughter/sister’s coping attempts; the setting of an Australian summer; a Sydney childhood; and a menacing sister/brother relationship. Conceptually, there is a painting and there is water. Lots of water, creating a medium of womb-like suspension.
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