Dialogic spaces of knowledge construction in research article conclusion sections written by english l1, english l2 and spanish l1 writers

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Journal Article
Iberica, 2018, 2018 (35), pp. 13 - 40
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© 2018, AELFE. All rights reserved. While vast research efforts have been directed to the identification of moves and their constituent steps in research articles (RA), less attention has been paid to the social negotiation of knowledge, in particular in the Conclusion section of RAs. In this paper, I examine the Conclusion sections of RAs in English and Spanish, including RA Conclusions written in English by Spanish-background speakers in the field of applied linguistics. This study brings together two complementary frameworks, genre-based knowledge and evaluative stance, drawing on Swales’s (1990, 2004) move analysis framework and on the engagement system in Martin and White’s (2005) Appraisal framework. The results indicate that the English L1 group negotiates a consistent space for readers to approve or disapprove the writers’ propositions. However, the Spanish L1 group aligns with readers, using a limited space through contracting resources, which may be because this group addresses a smaller audience in comparison to the English L1 group which addresses an international readership. On the other hand, the English L2 group tends to move towards English rhetorical international practice, but without fully abandoning their SpL1. These results contribute to gaining a better understanding of how successful scholarly writing in English is achieved, and offers important insights for teaching multilingual researchers.
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