More than I expected: Reflections on being observed and reviewed as a pharmacy teacher

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Journal Article
Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 2018, 10 (6), pp. 803 - 806
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© 2018 Elsevier Inc. Purpose: Reflection is an important skill development for teachers in order for their improvement in teaching style and practice. One of the ways in which teachers can reflect on their teaching is through peer observation and review. Description: The article describes the process of peer observation and review by three academic teachers from three different disciplines at an Australian university. This process was utilized to assist and enhance the teaching practice of a pharmacy educator, whom has been teaching for > 15 years. Using Brookfield's reflective model through the “eyes” of the four “lenses,” the pharmacy educator describes what she has learned and wisdom gained through this reflective practice process. Analysis: The peer observation and review process involved elements including (i) a group verbal feedback and (ii) a written report outlining some strategies that could be utilized to improve teaching practice. Both were considered valuable and the method for providing “sandwiched” feedback utilized verbal and non-verbal cues. Conclusions: Peer observation is a time consuming exercise that requires valuable time. However, the value that generates from such practices and the insights gained through this process far outweighs time spent. Providing feedback in a safe learning environment and “sandwiching” the positive and negative comments can be an effective process. Implications: The value of reflecting on one's teaching practice can allow teachers to develop and improve their teaching style. Universities and colleges that support this type of reflective practice are likely to generate better teachers who will engage students to enhance their learning.
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