A secure privacy preserving deduplication scheme for cloud computing

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Journal Article
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2019, 101 pp. 127 - 135
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© 2019 Elsevier B.V. Data deduplication is a key technique to improve storage efficiency in cloud computing. By pointing redundant files to a single copy, cloud service providers greatly reduce their storage space as well as data transfer costs. Despite of the fact that the traditional deduplication approach has been adopted widely, it comes with a high risk of losing data confidentiality because of the data storage models in cloud computing. To deal with this issue in cloud storage, we first propose a TEE (trusted execution environment) based secure deduplication scheme. In our scheme, each cloud user is assigned a privilege set; the deduplication can be performed if and only if the cloud users have the correct privilege. Moreover, our scheme augments the convergent encryption with users’ privileges and relies on TEE to provide secure key management, which improves the ability of such cryptosystem to resist chosen plaintext attacks and chosen ciphertext attacks. A security analysis indicates that our scheme is secure enough to support data deduplication and to protect the confidentiality of sensitive data. Furthermore, we implement a prototype of our scheme and evaluate the performance of our prototype, experiments show that the overhead of our scheme is practical in realistic environments.
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