Strength characteristics of lime and bottom ash reinforced expansive soils

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Geotechnical Special Publication, 2019, 2019-March (GSP 309), pp. 352 - 362
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© 2019 American Society of Civil Engineers. The primary aim of study is to evaluate the influence of hydrated lime and bottom ash on strength properties of expansive soil by two different kinds of dry-weight-based ratios. In this research, bottom ash is used as a stabilizing agent for expansive soil stabilization due to the potential benefits of its additional pozzolanic components in combination of hydrated lime. Bottom ash is a by-product of coal-fired process which was collected from Eraring Power Station in New South Wales, Australia. Meanwhile, expansive soils were artificially prepared using a proper combination of kaolinite, bentonite, and Sydney fine sand to constitute soil samples typically representing expansive soil in the region. To determine the optimum combination ratio of bottom ash to lime to stabilize expansive soil, different contents of randomly distributed bottom ash from 5% to 30% were mixed with soil and 5% hydrated lime to investigate the engineering behaviour of stabilized expansive soils. It is noted that the additive contents of lime and bottom ash, adopted in this study, were calculated based on both the dry weight of soil alone and the total weight of bottom ash-lime-soil admixture for the comparison purpose. The results of indirect tensile (IDT) strength and California bearing ratio (CBR) tests after various curing times are presented and discussed. The experimental findings show that a ratio of 5% lime to 20% bottom ash mixed with expansive soil is considered as their optimum combination ratio for achieving the maximum bearing capacity and tensile strength for soil-dry-weight-based additives. However, the optimum combination ratio of 5% lime to 25% bottom ash is determined in the case of the entire mixture-dry-weight-based additives. It is concluded that applying the latter optimum ratio to a combination of lime and bottom ash can improve the expansive soil strength better than the former.
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