One-shot Capacity Bounds on the Simultaneous Transmission of Public and Private Information over Quantum Channels

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings, 2018, 2018-June pp. 296 - 300
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© 2018 IEEE. We aim to study the optimal rates of transmission of public and private classical information over a quantum channel in the most general channel model. To this end, we discuss a scenario in which a quantum channel is being used only once, i.e., one-shot regime is considered. A quantum channel can be used to send classical information (bits) either publicly or privately and for either case, one-shot bounds have been reported in the literature. This paper investigates the one-shot capacity capabilities of a quantum channel for simultaneous transmission of public and private information. We derive an achievable rate region in the form of a tradeoff between public and private rates. We also provide converse bounds assessing the " of our achievable rates. Our main tools used in the achievability proofs are position-based decoding and convex-split lemma.
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