Optimal Analysis and Design of DC-DC Converter to Achieve High Voltage Conversion Gain and High Efficiency for Renewable Energy Systems

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 2019, 2018-June pp. 439 - 444
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© 2018 IEEE. High conversion gain of voltage is generally required to interface various renewable energy sources, such as PV modules. This paper focuses on the optimal analysis and design of non-isolated DC-DC converters to meet the high-step-up gain requirement and achieve high efficiency. The proposed topology utilizes the coupled inductor technique to achieve high step-up voltage conversion ratio. A power loss model is developed to identify losses in each component for efficiency enhancement. The switch has relatively low voltage stress since leakage energy is directly transferred to the output to avoid voltage spikes across it. In addition, the coupled inductor alleviated the reverse recovery issue of the diode. The circuit operation and steady-state analysis of the proposed converter are presented in detail. A prototype circuit is built and tested to prove the circuit analysis and optimal design.
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