Robust implementation of flexible wearable antennas with PDMS-embedded conductive fabric

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Conference Proceeding
IET Conference Publications, 2018, 2018 (CP741)
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© Institution of Engineering and Technology.All Rights Reserved. In this paper, a new approach to fabricate a robust flexible body-worn antenna is introduced. It combines conductive fabric, used as the radiator, with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) utilized as the substrate as well as the encapsulation of the antenna. The mechanical and electrical characteristics of PDMS-embedded conductive fabric structures are firstly investigated, followed by the general steps of the antenna fabrication process. As concept demonstrations, two designs, dual-band dual-mode and frequency-reconfigurable patch antennas, have been fabricated. Experimental investigations on the antennas' RF performance (both in free space and on a muscle phantom) and mechanical stability are also demonstrated. The latter includes bending on human's arm-shaped phantom and machine-washing tests. The results demonstrated that the proposed method is applicable for realization of robust, flexible, not only passive but also active, wearable antennas.
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