Integrated cosparse analysis model with explicit edge inconsistency measurement for guided depth map upsampling

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Journal Article
Journal of Electronic Imaging, 2018, 27 (4)
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© 2018 SPIE and IS & T. A low-resolution depth map can be upsampled through the guidance from the registered high-resolution color image. This type of method is so-called guided depth map upsampling. Among the existing methods based on Markov random field (MRF), either data-driven or model-based prior is adopted to construct the regularization term. The data-driven prior can implicitly reveal the relation between color-depth image pair by training on external data. The model-based prior provides the anisotropic smoothness constraint guided by high-resolution color image. These types of priors can complement each other to solve the ambiguity in guided depth map upsampling. An MRF-based approach is proposed that takes both of them into account to regularize the depth map. Based on analysis sparse coding, the data-driven prior is defined by joint cosparsity on the vectors transformed from color-depth patches using the pair of learned operators. It is based on the assumption that the cosupports of such bimodal image structures computed by the operators are aligned. The edge inconsistency measurement is explicitly calculated, which is embedded into the model-based prior. It can significantly mitigate texture-copying artifacts. The experimental results on Middlebury datasets demonstrate the validity of the proposed method that outperforms seven state-of-the-art approaches.
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