A Least Mean Square Algorithm Based Single-Phase Grid Voltage Parameters Estimation Method

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2nd International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering, ECCE 2019, 2019
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© 2019 IEEE. Grid-synchronization may be the most significant task in order to integrate renewable energy sources (RESs) and electric vehicles (EVs) into the power grid. The popular technique for grid synchronization is the power based phase locked loop (PLL). The major challenges that one encounters to design a robust power based PLL is the filter design inside the power based PLL control loop, and estimating the grid voltage parameters under frequency drift conditions. A wide bandwidth should be considered during filter design if a wide range of frequency variations are predicted in the grid voltage. The traditional filters cause a large phase delay if a wide bandwidth is considered during filter design. As a result, it degrades the transient performance of the power based PLL. In order to improve the transient performance of the PLL, this paper adopted a Fourier linear combiner (FLC) filter inside the PLL control loop. Moreover, a feedback loop is used to make the FLC frequency adaptive in order to estimate the grid voltage parameter when grid frequency drift occurs. Simulation and experimental results are provided to verify the proposed technique.
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