Super-activating quantum memory with entanglement

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Journal Article
Quantum Information and Computation, 2018, 18 (13-14), pp. 1115 - 1124
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© Rinton Press. Noiseless subsystems were proved to be an efficient and faithful approach to preserve fragile information against decoherence in quantum information processing and quantum computation. They were employed to design a general (hybrid) quantum memory cell model that can store both quantum and classical information. In this paper, we find an interesting new phenomenon that the purely classical memory cell can be super-activated to preserve quantum states, whereas the null memory cell can only be super-activated to encode classical information. Furthermore, necessary and sufficient conditions for this phenomenon are discovered so that the super-activation can be easily checked by examining certain eigenvalues of the quantum memory cell without computing the noiseless subsystems explicitly. In particular, it is found that entangled and separable stationary states are responsible for the super-activation of storing quantum and classical information, respectively.
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