Brushless doubly fed reluctance machine testing for parameter determination

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 2019, 55 (3), pp. 2611 - 2619
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© 1972-2012 IEEE. Techniques for parameter determination of induction and doubly fed induction machines are well established. However, these techniques do not apply directly to the brushless doubly fed reluctance machine (BDFRM). Even though the mathematical model for this machine is like that of a double-fed induction machine, the complexity of the machines magnetic fields due to differing winding pole numbers interacting with a reluctance rotor preclude standard testing. Very high leakage inductances affect the use of the normal locked rotor test, and nonsinusoidal air gap fluxes complicate modeling for stand still frequency domain and time domain testing. This paper examines the validity of a combination of testing and analysis techniques, including open circuit and pulse testing, which were eventually used to determine the BDFRM inductance parameters over a range of operating points. The accuracy of the results are validated by machine testing and comparison with the finite element analysis machine design.
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