Development of a high-performance axial flux pm machine with smc cores for electric vehicle application

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2019, 55 (7)
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© 1965-2012 IEEE. A new axial flux permanent magnet machine (AFPM) with soft magnetic composited (SMC) cores is proposed for electric vehicle (EV) application in this paper. As its windings are wound on the stator ring core, it can be regarded as a toroidally wound internal stator (TORUS) machine. With the adopted SMC material for stator core, this machine has the benefits of 3-D magnetic flux properties. The windings and SMC cores can be designed to form a very compact structure, and thus, the torque density can be improved greatly. To obtain the a good flux concentrating ability, two TORUS machines are designed and analyzed, one is with NdFeB magnet for high-performance EV application and the other is with the cheap ferrite magnet for low-cost application. The 3-D finite-element method is used to analyze the electromagnetic parameter and performance. For performance comparison, a commercial AFPM with yokeless and segmented armature P400 is used.
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