Modelling Trade Logistics Based on Multi-Method Simulation Approach: Case-in-Point: Mongolia

Palgrave Macmillan
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Trade Logistics in Landlocked and Resource Cursed Asian Countries, 2019, pp. 125 - 154
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Most of landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) such as Mongolia suffer economically due to their geographical location, lack of access to seaports and underdeveloped infrastructure. Political influences and cross-border delays add to the challenges in which Mongolian firms involved in trade operate. However, recent changes in the political atmosphere of the Northeast Asian region have encouraged firms to conduct trade through advanced logistics designs. This chapter discusses a multi-method simulation approach using Anylogic software as one of the few approaches which can be used to model end-to-end cross-border trade logistics in Mongolia with a view to optimise/improve trade opportunities/operations. Successful implementation of this method could significantly impact the effectiveness of supply chain networks and trade logistics of LLDCs with similar geographical and political attributes.
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