Fixing and Aligning Methods for Dielectric Resonator Antennas in K Band and Beyond

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2019, 7 pp. 12638 - 12646
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© 2013 IEEE. Various conventional and novel fixing strategies for dielectric resonator antennas (DRAs) in K band and beyond are presented and investigated. Their effects on DRAs are studied in depth and explained theoretically through the perturbation theory and basic principles of DRAs. Multifunctional fixtures which achieve different antenna performance are then proposed and discussed. Their mechanisms for offering flexible bandwidth, miniaturization, frequency diversity, low cross polarization, and circular polarization are explained. In practical applications, glue is used besides fixtures to increase reliability, and its influence on antenna performance is difficult to predict. By considering various glue distributions in simulation beforehand, potential performance degradation is successfully mitigated. For validation, a four-element DRA array for 24-GHz automotive radars is fabricated. The results demonstrate that the proposed fixing strategy provides superior characteristics such as shock-resistance, fabrication and assembly simplicity, and robust antenna performance.
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