A deep neural network based classifier for brain tumor diagnosis

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Journal Article
Applied Soft Computing Journal, 2019, 82
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© 2019 Elsevier B.V. Classification process plays a key role in diagnosing brain tumors. Earlier research works are intended for identifying brain tumors using different classification techniques. However, the False Alarm Rates (FARs) of existing classification techniques are high. To improve the early-stage brain tumor diagnosis via classification the Weighted Correlation Feature Selection Based Iterative Bayesian Multivariate Deep Neural Learning (WCFS-IBMDNL) technique is proposed in this work. The WCFS-IBMDNL algorithm considers medical dataset for classifying the brain tumor diagnosis at an early stage. At first, the WCFS-IBMDNL technique performs Weighted Correlation-Based Feature Selection (WC-FS) by selecting subsets of medical features that are relevant for classification of brain tumors. After completing the feature selection process, the WCFS-IBMDNL technique uses Iterative Bayesian Multivariate Deep Neural Network (IBMDNN) classifier for reducing the misclassification error rate of brain tumor identification. The WCFS-IBMDNL technique was evaluated in JAVA language using Disease Diagnosis Rate (DDR), Disease Diagnosis Time (DDT), and FAR parameter through the epileptic seizure recognition dataset.
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