Optimization of Cerbera manghas Biodiesel Production Using Artificial Neural Networks Integrated with Ant Colony Optimization

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Journal Article
Energies, 12 (20), pp. 3811 - 3811
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Optimizing the process parameters of biodiesel production is the key to maximizing biodiesel yields. In this study, artificial neural network models integrated with ant colony optimization were developed to optimize the parameters of the two-step Cerbera manghas biodiesel production process: (1) esterification and (2) transesterification. The parameters of esterification and transesterification processes were optimized to minimize the acid value and maximize the C. manghas biodiesel yield, respectively. There was excellent agreement between the average experimental values and those predicted by the artificial neural network models, indicating their reliability. These models will be useful to predict the optimum process parameters, reducing the trial and error of conventional experimentation. The kinetic study was conducted to understand the mechanism of the transesterification process and, lastly, the model could measure the physicochemical properties of the C. manghas biodiesel.
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