VT-GAN: View Transformation GAN for Gait Recognition across Views

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Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2019, 2019-July
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© 2019 IEEE. Recognizing gaits without human cooperation is of importance in surveillance and forensics because of the benefits that gait is unique and collected remotely. However, change of camera view angle severely degrades the performance of gait recognition. To address the problem, previous methods usually learn mappings for each pair of views which incurs abundant independently built models. In this paper, we proposed a View Transformation Generative Adversarial Networks (VT-GAN) to achieve view transformation of gaits across two arbitrary views using only one uniform model. In specific, we generated gaits in target view conditioned on input images from any views and the corresponding target view indicator. In addition to the classical discriminator in GAN which makes the generated images look realistic, a view classifier is imposed. This controls the consistency of generated images and conditioned target view indicator and ensures to generate gaits in the specified target view. On the other hand, retaining identity information while performing view transformation is another challenge. To solve the issue, an identity distilling module with triplet loss is integrated, which constrains the generated images inheriting identity information from inputs and yields discriminative feature embeddings. The proposed VT-GAN generates visually promising gaits and achieves promising performances for cross-view gait recognition, which exhibits great effectiveness of the proposed VT-GAN.
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