An interactive visual analytics approach for network anomaly detection through smart labeling

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Journal Article
Journal of Visualization, 2019, 22 (5), pp. 955 - 971
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© 2019, The Visualization Society of Japan. Abstract: Network anomaly detection is an important means for safeguarding network security. On account of the difficulties encountered in traditional automatic detection methods such as lack of labeled data, expensive retraining costs for new data and non-explanation, we propose a novel smart labeling method, which combines active learning and visual interaction, to detect network anomalies through the iterative labeling process of the users. The algorithms and the visual interfaces are tightly integrated. The network behavior patterns are first learned by using the self-organizing incremental neural network. Then, the model uses a Fuzzy c-means-based algorithm to do classification on the basis of user feedback. After that, the visual interfaces are updated to present the improved results of the model, which can help users to choose meaningful candidates, judge anomalies and understand the model results. The experiments show that compared to labeling without our visualizations, our method can achieve a high accuracy rate of anomaly detection with fewer labeled samples. Graphic abstract: [Figure not available: see fulltext.].
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