On line monitoring local fouling behavior of membrane filtration process by in situ hydrodynamic and electrical measurements

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Journal of Membrane Science, 2019, 589
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© 2019 The hollow fiber ultrafiltration (UF) membrane has been widely applied in the water treatment industry, however, the membrane fouling is the core reason and limiting factor in terms of its industrial application. In the constant flux process, hollow fiber membranes (HFM) non-uniform fouling varies along the axis direction, which is the basic mechanism of HFM fouling. In this paper, the local membrane fouling behaviors and verities are investigated using electrical impedance (EI) and zeta potential (ZP) to capture the feedback signals of membrane fouling behaviors. The results are then, integrated with Hermia's model and an equivalent circuit model. As the fitting results show, both the EI and ZP can be employed as indicators of different membrane fouling states. This work defines the different stages of membrane fouling depending on the alternating relationship between EI and ZP in the membrane filtration process. Furthermore, the behavior of cake layer compaction is defined from the perspective of the membrane fouling mechanism. Therefore, this study provides an effective means for accurate identification of membrane fouling behavior. In addition, the EI and ZP exhibit great potential to identify the fouling distributions and proceedings in HFM fouling. Doing so successfully confirms that the characteristics of non-uniform fouling of HFM are reflected in the spatiotemporal difference of the fouling process.
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