Celebrities-ReID: A Benchmark for Clothes Variation in Long-Term Person Re-Identification

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Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2019, 2019-July
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© 2019 IEEE. This paper considers person re-identification (re-ID) in the case of long-time gap (i.e., long-term re-ID) that concentrates on the challenge of clothes variation of each person. We introduce a new dataset, named Celebrities-reID to handle that challenge. Compared with current datasets, the proposed Celebrities-reID dataset is featured in two aspects. First, it contains 590 persons with 10,842 images, and each person does not wear the same clothing twice, making it the largest clothes variation person re-ID dataset to date. Second, a comprehensive evaluation using state of the arts is carried out to verify the feasibility and new challenge exposed by this dataset. In addition, we propose a benchmark approach to the dataset where a two-step fine-tuning strategy on human body parts is introduced to tackle the challenge of clothes variation. In experiments, we evaluate the feasibility and quality of the proposed Celebrities-reID dataset. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed benchmark approach is not only able to best tackle clothes variation shown in our dataset but also achieves competitive performance on a widely used person re-ID dataset Market1501, which further proves the reliability of the proposed benchmark approach.
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