Normal force of lithium-based magnetorheological grease under quasi-static shear with large deformation

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Journal Article
RSC Advances, 2019, 9 (47), pp. 27167 - 27175
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© The Royal Society of Chemistry 2019. An experimental study was conducted to explore the normal force of lithium-based magnetorheological (MR) grease under quasi-static shear. Firstly, MR grease with various carbonyl iron (CI) particles content was prepared. Then the influence of magnetic field strength, CI particles content, shear rate and temperature on the normal force-strain curves for MR grease under a quasi-static monotonic shear condition were investigated. The results exhibit that the normal force of MR grease under quasi-static monotonic shear decreases first and then maintains constant along with the increase of shear strain, and the critical strain is affected by the magnetic field strength and CI particles content. Finally, the normal force versus shear strain curves under different magnetic fields and shear strains were obtained by using quasi-static cyclic shear. It was found that the normal force of MRG-70 under quasi-static monotonic shear exhibits peak phenomenon at the beginning of the unloading stage, and the peak value increases with the enlargement of shear strain. Furthermore, when the strain amplitude is higher than 40%, normal force exhibits an abrupt change during the transition from the loading stage to the unloading stage.
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