Investigation on the influence of run of station fly ash in concrete pavement construction

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The achievement of sustainable development has been a major challenge facing the concrete industry for years. In recent years there have been changes, both technical and policy driven, that have the potential to affect the availability of classified fly ash. The possible shortage of classified fly ash (CFA) supply has prompted researchers at UTS to examine the possible use of run-of-station fly ash (RFA) for use in concrete applications. In this paper, an experimental study was carried out to evaluate the influence of partially replacing cement with 20% RFA on the heat of hydration, and microstructure of blended cement pastes compared to the paste containing 20% CFA. In addition, the effects of RFA on fresh and hardened concrete properties of pavement mixes were examined and compared to CFA concrete mix. Only two lots of RFA from one single source were examined, and hence the variability and effectiveness of RFA from other sources cannot be generalised. Properties critical to the use of fly ash in pavement concrete are examined according to the R83 specification.
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