Three-dimensional slope stability analysis incorporating coupled effects of pile reinforcement and reservoir drawdown

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Journal Article
International Journal of Geomechanics, 2019, 19 (4)
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© 2019 American Society of Civil Engineers. In pile-reinforced dams and bank slopes, the antislide effect of piles and drawdown of reservoirs are two aspects that could significantly affect the slope stability. However, existing studies have incorporated these two factors separately, albeit not in tandem. Moreover, stability assessment of these earth structures is usually performed ignoring the three-dimensional (3D) effect. To address these issues, the kinematic approach of limit analysis is adopted in this technical note for evaluating slope stability based on the 3D rotational failure mechanism. In addition, the coupled effects of pile reinforcement and water drawdown are considered. The analysis is performed for four types of drawdown cases. The results demonstrate that the optimal pile location undergoes significant change during the external drawdown process, while the effect of the declining water level on slope stability follows the similar pattern for varying pile locations.
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