Municipal wastewater treatment by forward osmosis using seawater concentrate as draw solution

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Journal Article
Chemosphere, 2019, 237
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© 2019 Elsevier Ltd Forward osmosis (FO) has been used in the wastewater treatment due to its advantages including low energy consumption and low membrane fouling. In this study, real municipal wastewater was concentrated by FO process using seawater concentrate as draw solution (DS). The influences of operating conditions such as temperature, flow velocity and sewage pre-filtration on water flux were investigated. Chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus could not be enriched by 4 times while sewage was reduced to 1/4 volume. Excitation and emission matrix fluorescence spectrum showed that a fraction of dissolved organic compounds in sewage transported across membrane into DS. Membrane fouling was evaluated by scanning electronic microscope analysis that a dense cake layer was formed on the membrane surface after sewage filtration. However, water flux of the fouled membrane was highly recovered after 1 h of physical cleaning.
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