Eddy current-tunneling magneto-resistive sensor for micromotion detection of a tibial orthopaedic implant

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IEEE Sensors Journal, 2019, 19 (4), pp. 1285 - 1292
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© 2001-2012 IEEE. In this paper, an eddy current loop coupled with the tunneling magneto resistor (EC-TMR) is used as a displacement sensor to detect the micromotion of an orthopaedic implant. The high sensitivity and signal to noise ratio of the TMR sensor are used to achieve high resolution at a large standoff distance. First, a small three-turn rectangular eddy current loop of dimension 2.5, text {mm}times 10$ mm is designed and simulated inside the human body using a full-wave EM simulator. Then, it is fabricated and tested using vector network analyzer. The magnetic tunnel junction stack is optimized and a six-element TMR sensor is fabricated and characterized. The eddy current and tunnelling magneto resistive sensor are integrated and heterodyne detection technique is used to obtain the high-resolution micromotion detection at an extended standoff range. This technique can be used for in-vivo detection of the micromotion of the orthopaedic implant which will be useful in reducing the revision surgeries due to the mechanical failures of the implant.
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