Microstructured Multicore Polymer Optical Fiber Temperature-insensitive Stress Sensor

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Journal Article
Optik, 2019, 186 pp. 458 - 463
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© 2018 We describe a novel microstructured multicore polymer optical fiber (m-MPOF) made of PMMA with air-holes running along the entire length of the fiber. In polymer, refractive index decreases with increasing temperature, a negative thermo-optic coefficient which results in the increase of coupling with increasing temperature thus reducing the beat length and causing a blue shift in transmission nulls, but with increase in temperature the spacing between cores will also increase which results in decreases of coupling and an increases the beat length, so a red shift in transmission nulls –a positive thermal expansion coefficient. In most part of the wavelength the thermo-optic effect dominates the thermal expansion effect, but at a particular wavelength both the effects cancel each other and have a zero change in the Neff with a change in temperature. So, as a result, both these effects get nullified at certain temperature making it a temperature insensitive fiber. Numerical calculations show the fiber is temperature insensitive for a range of 40℃ to 60℃ at a wavelength of 700 nm. The fiber is shown to be sensitive to stress at 700 nm with a sensitivity of 1.6 nm/Pa, which makes the said fiber temperature insensitive stress sensor.
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