Publicness, Privacy and Confidentiality in the Single-Serving Quantum Broadcast Channel

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory - Proceedings, 2019, 2019-July pp. 1712 - 1716
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© 2019 IEEE. The 2-receiver broadcast channel with primary and third-party receivers is studied. The messages are classified into public, private and confidential. The messages in the public class are messages intended for both receivers. The private messages are intended for the primary receiver with no secrecy requirements imposed upon them. And the confidential messages are aimed exclusively to the primary receiver such that they must not be accessible to the other receiver. The encoder performs the necessary encryption by virtue of local randomness whose rate is assumed to be limited. We find an achievability region on the trade-off between the rates of the three messages and the source of randomness in the one-shot regime of a quantum broadcast channel.
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