Designing biomimetic-inspired middleware for anticipative sensor-actor networks

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Conference Proceeding
Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2015, 595 pp. 143 - 155
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© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015. Developing software environments for Sensor-Actor Networks (Sanets) is a promising research concern in systems engineering. Current concepts in software would adopt Sanets in a singular communications methodology, but the solution in this work is to take biological inspiration for the systems solution, thus the design of the system achieves a biomimetic construct as a result. Sanets are configurable for a variety of network structures and topologies, with the research aim in designing a network that is interactive and anticipatory to external and internal adaptations. Meanwhile, the event-based changes are composed of scenarios, and the interactivity between external and internal actors. From the requirements of the end-user, the system must be responsive and interactive from the user perspective in real-time, while in addition offering the contextual data to make useful interpretation of systemic conditions from an anticipative view Chiu and Chaczko Design of biomimetic middleware for anticipatory sensor-actor network systems. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer-Aided System Engineering, APCASE 2014, pp. 22–23. South Kuta, Indonesia, 10–12 February 2014. ISBN 978-0- 9924518-0-6 [2].
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