Strawberry Verticillium Wilt Detection Network Based on Multi-Task Learning and Attention

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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2019, 7 pp. 170003 - 170011
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© 2013 IEEE. Plant disease detection has an inestimable effect on plant cultivation. Accurate detection of plant disease can control the spread of disease early and prevent unnecessary loss. Strawberry verticillium wilt is a soil-borne, multi-symptomatic disease. To detect strawberry verticillium wilt accurately, we first propose a disease detection network based on Faster R-CNN and multi-task learning to detect strawberry verticillium wilt. Then, the strawberry verticillium wilt detection network (SVWDN), which uses attention mechanisms in the feature extraction of the disease detection network, is proposed. SVWDN detects verticillium wilt according to the symptoms of detected plant components (i.e.,young leaves and petioles). Compared with other existing methods for detecting disease from the whole plant appearance, the SVWDN automatically classifies the petioles and young leaves while determining whether the strawberry has verticillium wilt. To provide a dataset for evaluating and testing our method, we construct a large dataset that contains 3, 531 images with 4 categories (Healthy-leaf, Healthy-petiole, Verticillium-leaf and Verticillium-petiole). Each image also has a label to indicate whether the strawberry is suffering from verticillium wilt. With the proposed strawberry verticillium wilt detection network, we achieved a mAP of 77.54% on object detection of 4 categories and 99.95% accuracy for strawberry verticillium wilt detection.
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