The influence of rubber crumbs on the critical state behavior of waste mixtures

EDP Sciences
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Journal Article
E3S Web of Conferences, 2019, 92
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© The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. The practical application of waste materials such as steel furnace slag (SFS) and coal wash (CW) is becoming more prevalent in many geotechnical projects. It was found that the inclusion of rubber crumbs (RCs) from recycled tyres into mixtures of SFS and CW not only solves the problem of large stockpiles of waste tyres, it also can provide an energy-absorbing medium that will reduce track degradation. In order to investigate the influence of RC on the geotechnical properties of the granular waste matrix (SFS+CW+RC), a series of monotonic consolidated drained triaxial tests were conducted on waste mixtures. The test results reveal that the inclusion of RC significantly affects the geotechnical properties of the waste mixtures, especially their critical state behaviour. Specifically, the waste matrix can achieve a critical state with a low RC content (<20%), whereas those mixtures with higher RC contents (20-40%) cannot attain a critical state within the ultimate strain capacity that can be applied to specimens using the traditional triaxial equipment. Therefore, for the waste matrix with higher RC contents extrapolation of the measured volumetric strains had to be adopted to obtain the appropriate critical state parameters. Moreover, the influence of energy absorbing property by adding RC on the critical state behaviour has also been captured through an empirical equation.
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