Quantum Supremacy Circuit Simulation on Sunway TaihuLight

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Journal Article
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2020, 31, (4), pp. 805-816
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© 1990-2012 IEEE. With the rapid progress made by industry and academia, quantum computers with dozens of qubits or even larger size are being realized. However, the fidelity of existing quantum computers often sharply decreases as the circuit depth increases. Thus, an ideal quantum circuit simulator on classical computers, especially on high-performance computers, is needed for benchmarking and validation. We design a large-scale simulator of universal random quantum circuits, often called 'quantum supremacy circuits', and implement it on Sunway TaihuLight. The simulator can be used to accomplish the following two tasks: 1) Computing a complete output state-vector; 2) Calculating one or a few amplitudes. We target the simulation of 49-qubit circuits. For task 1), we successfully simulate such a circuit of depth 39, and for task 2) we reach the 55-depth level. To the best of our knowledge, both of the simulation results reach the largest depth for 49-qubit quantum supremacy circuits.
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