Review of Pulsed Eddy Current Signal Feature Extraction Methods for Conductive Ferromagnetic Material Thickness Quantification

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Journal Article
Electronics (Basel), 2019, 8, (5)
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Thickness quantification of conductive ferromagnetic materials has become a common necessity in present-day structural health monitoring and infrastructure maintenance. Recent research has found Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) sensing, especially the detector-coil-based PEC sensor architecture, to effectively serve as a nondestructive sensing technique for this purpose. As a result, several methods of varying complexity have been proposed in recent years to extract PEC signal features, against which conductive ferromagnetic material thickness behaves as a function, in return enabling thickness quantification owing to functional behaviours. It can be seen that almost all features specifically proposed in the literature for the purpose of conductive ferromagnetic material-thickness quantification are in some way related to the diffusion time constant of eddy currents. This paper examines the relevant feature-extraction methods through a controlled experiment in which the methods are applied to a single set of experimentally captured PEC signals, and provides a review by discussing the quality of the extractable features, and their functional behaviours for thickness quantification, along with computational time taken for feature extraction. Along with this paper, the set of PEC signals and some MATLAB codes for feature extraction are provided as supplementary materials for interested readers.
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