Descriptor Selection Improvements for Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships.

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International journal of neural systems, 2019, 29, (9), pp. 1950016
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Molecular descriptor selection is an essential procedure to improve a predictive quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model. However, within the QSAR model, there are a number of redundant, noisy and irrelevant descriptors. In this study, we propose a novel descriptor selection framework using self-paced learning (SPL) via sparse logistic regression (LR) with Logsum penalty (SPL-Logsum), which can simultaneously adaptively identify the simple and complex samples and avoid over-fitting. SPL is inspired by the learning process of humans or animals gradually learned from simple and complex samples to train models, and the Logsum penalized LR helps to select a small subset of significant molecular descriptors for improving the QSAR models. Experimental results on some simulations and three public QSAR datasets show that our proposed SPL-Logsum framework outperforms other existing sparse methods regarding the area under the curve, sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and P-values.
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