WIPO's role in collating and publishing data and statistics, and in economic analysis

Edward Elgar
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Research Handbook on the World Intellectual Property Organization: The First 50 Years and Beyond, 2020
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From their inception, the united international offices (BIRPI) collected and published IP data and statistics – filings, registrations and the like. This has continued under WIPO. This chapter describes and analyses the evolution of WIPO’s roles in the collation and publication of these materials, as well as in relation to the economic analysis of IP. It focuses on the functions currently performed by WIPO’s Economic and Statistics Division. By way of conclusion, the author argues that recent revolutions in data collection, processing and analysis are transforming WIPO, so that it is becoming a predominantly data-driven organization. As such, it is now an integral part of what might be termed the ‘datafication’ of the global IP system.
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