Mapping Vilnius - European Cutural Capital 2009

Lithuanian Energy Museum, Vilnius, Lithiuania
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Mapping Vilnius- Modelling Vilnius was a workshop and exhibition hosted and funded by the European Cultural Capital 2009. Exhibited at the Lithuanian Energy Museum, RinktinÄs str. 2, Vilnius and curated by Lawrence Wallen. This project involved the creative mapping of urban spaces in ways that the complexity and shifting nature of such entities are expressed in the form of both dialogue and installation. Addressing issues of spatial location, dislocation, and spatial drift we searched for the cultural differences in interpretation and the common ground laid before us. Tensions exists between the seemingly objective mapping of the physical space and the more subjective interpretation of the non-visible landscapes that co-exist in the same space. Rather than mapping the surface, we began to map spatially, reconstructing scenes of social interaction proximity and location. This matrix forms by applying a number of cartographic processes ranging from conventional approaches of contour and cross-section to more artistic approaches, involving the appropriation of gps, video, google earth, data maps, sound maps and memory maps. The project allowed differing points of view on the way a city is structured to be directly compared, by providing a matrix of varying disciplines, transformed into physical reality that takes the form of models and maps of the city.
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