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Facets is an interactive video installation exploring interfaces between people and technological environment. Kaleidoscopic video images are projected on a 36 sqm. screen placed in the space, linking the player's area inside the building to the outside. The images are directly influenced by the players' motions and actions using interface elements placed near the screen, and in a more subtle manner by motions and flows ofpeopJe in and around the Tower building. The images are patterns, textures and lines taken from landscapes and (underwater) sea scapes, placed in the context of the built environment. The dialogue between nature and urban landscapes is further emphasised by the translucence of the screen, linking the internal space of the UTS Tower with the green outside. The placement of the installation enables many lines of sight from around the Foyer areas. Art Light was an exhibition at UTS as part of the Sydney Smart Light festival, 26 May - 14 June 2009, curated by Michael Day.
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