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Transclimatic is an international, multi-disciplinary design exhibition, which showcases selected works of emerging and established artists, design practices and architects. Their research demonstrates how climate change initiates new objectives by exploring new places, setting new design strategies, and developing new techniques. Transclimatic, a custom-made term, encapsulates the key aspects of the exhibition: shifting meteorological conditions across the globe and visionary design proposals which transgress current expectations. The exhibition sets a particular approach by focusing on radical speculations, bold visions and critical explorations, thereby disregarding the promotional "green" responses evident today. Far from being marketing strategies, these critical design processes are the genuine core of their praxis. Despite their diversity, all the exhibited projects share the same urge to rethink and redefine our relations with resources, waste, pollution, and seek to explore connections between the concept of nature and artificial environments. Without denying the impact of human activities on our environment or the fact that nature herself can be the cause of her own mutations, following the rule of constant evolution, the exhibition means to deal prudently with these phenomena -phantasmagoric or real- and consider them only as stimuli. Transclimatic gathers diverse, multi-scale works which exist in the theoretical and physical space between the nano-scale of the human skin and the meta-scale of built environments. However, scale, size, location and traditional disciplines are not used as a classification system. Instead, they are reorganised according to transversal criteria able to generate unexpected proximity effects, blur boundaries between disciplines, and prevent the visitors from any predictable content.
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