Popular Culture

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1994, 1
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This book is the product of many years close involvement with 'popular culture' as consumer-critic and teacher. I first became theoretically interested in popular culture while writing a Ph.D. on the work of William Morris, who used popular fiction to analyse the society of his own time. Morris then took his own fictional deconstructions into his political essays, to create his visions of a new and beautiful society. Meanwhile, in the late twentieth-century, the work of another visionary, Gene Roddenberry had created the Star 7)9ft universe in which social visions like, and unlike, those of Morris were, and are, tried out against the developments within western society, and particularly within the United States. Though I am not from the U.S., I hitched a ride aboard the earliest Enterprise and have been looking for new worlds and new civilisations ever since. I was particularly pleased when Captain Picard changed Captain Kirk's invitation to the voyage so that I was finally a legitimate participant in the journey to 'where no one has gone before'.
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