Queer Dress in Australia

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Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, Volume 7: Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, 2010, 1, pp. 224 - 230
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The history of queer dress in Australia resides in unpublished theses, memoirs, diaries, photographs, and the tn.emories of gay, lesbian, and transgendcl' people. Changing understandings of sexual practice, fro111 situational, private, and criminalized, to open, liberationist, and commodified, have impacted upon queer dress codes, clothing styles, and bodily appearance. Male homo~ sexual acts were decriminalized in New South Wales (NSW) as late as 1984; in Tasmania, in 1997. Australia's queer history ex~ tends back into the convict period of transportation, when the social concept of homosexuality was nonexistent, and further back in time to same~sex rituals and relationships that were a part of some indigenous cultures.
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