Group layout pattern and outdoor wind environment of enclosed office buildings in Hangzhou

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Journal Article
Energies, 2020, 13, (2), pp. 406-406
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© 2020 by the authors. This paper presents a study of the effects of wind-induced airflow through the urban built layout pattern using statistical analysis. This study investigates the association between typically enclosed office building layout patterns and the wind environment. First of all, this study establishes an ideal site model of 200 m × 200 m and obtains four typical multi-story enclosed office building group layouts, namely the multi-yard parallel opening, the multi-yard returning shape opening, the overall courtyard parallel opening, and the overall courtyard returning shape opening. Then, the natural ventilation performance of different building morphologies is further evaluated via the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software Phoenics. This study compares wind speed distribution at an outdoor pedestrian height (1.5 m). Finally, the natural ventilation performance corresponding to the four layout forms is obtained, which showed that the outdoor wind environment of the multi-yard type is more comfortable than the overall courtyard type, and the degree of enclosure of the building group is related to the advantages and disadvantages of the outdoor wind environment. The quantitative relevance between building layout and wind environment is examined, according to which the results of an ameliorated layout proposal are presented and assessed by Phoenics. This research could provide a method to create a livable urban wind environment.
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