Educating critical mathematics educators: Challenges for teacher educators

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Critical Mathematics Education: Past, Present and Future, 2010, 1, pp. 209 - 224
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When contemplating this question, there are at least three possible areas to examine: the mathematics that the teacher will teach (critical mathematics); tire teacher's pedagogy (critical mathematics pedagogy); or the teacher educator's pedagogy (critical mathematics or numeracy teacher education pedagogy). In this paper I will focus mainly on the second and the third; however,l wiII argue that all three are intimately linked in creating spaces and places where critical mathematics can be a focus of learning. However, to create these spaces and places a key area that adult numeracy teachers and adult numeracy teacher educators need to, and moreover are well placed to engage with, is educational policy because as 1 will argue in this chapter, it is precisely the predisposition to quantitative thinking by bureaucrats and politicians that has contri buted significantly to the marginalization of the broader aims ofleaming in adulthood.
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