A Data Storage and Sharing Scheme for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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Journal Article
IEEE Access, 2020, 8, pp. 31471-31480
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© 2013 IEEE. Cyber-Physical-Social System (CPSS) provides users secure and high-quality mobile service applications to share and exchange data in the cyberspace and physical world. With the explosive growth of data, it is necessary to introduce cloud storage service, which allows devices frequently resort to the cloud for data storage and sharing, into CPSS. In this paper, we propose a data storage and sharing scheme for CPSS with the help of cloud storage service. Since data integrity assurance is an inevitable problem in cloud storage, we first design a secure and efficient data storage scheme based on the technology of public auditing and bilinear map, which also ensures the security of the verification. In order to meet the real-time and reliability requirements of the CPSS, the rewards of timeliness incentive and effectiveness incentive are considered in the scheme. Secondly, based on the proposed storage scheme and ElGamal encryption, we propose a lightweight access model for users to access the final data processed by cloud server. We formally prove the security of the proposed scheme, and conduct performance evaluation to validate its high efficiency. The experimental results show that the proposed scheme has lower overheads in communication and access as compared to the technique CDS.
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