Acoustic metamaterial capsule for reduction of stage machinery noise

Acoustical Society of America
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Journal Article
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2020, 147, (3), pp. 1491-1491
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Noise mitigation of stage machinery can be quite demanding and requires innovative solutions. In this work we propose an acoustic metamaterial capsule to reduce the noise emission of several stage machinery drive trains, while still allowing the ventilation required for cooling. The metamaterial capsule consists of c-shape meta atoms, which have a simple structure that facilitates manufacturing. We design, simulate, manufacture, and experimentally validate two different metamaterial capsules, which utilize an ultra-sparse and air-permeable reflective meta-grating. Both designs demonstrate transmission loss peaks that effectively suppress gear mesh noise or other narrow band noise sources. The ventilation by natural convection was numerically verified, and was shown to give adequate cooling, whereas a conventional sound capsule would lead to overheating. The noise spectra of three common stage machinery drive trains are numerically modelled, enabling us to design meta-gratings and determine their noise suppression performance. The results fulfill the stringent stage machinery noise limits, highlighting the benefit of using metamaterial capsule of simple c-shape structure.
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