Evaluation on interactive visualization data with scatterplots

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Journal Article
Visual Informatics, 2020, 4, (4), pp. 1-1
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Scatterplots and scatterplot matrix methods have been popularly used for showing statistical graphics and for exposing patterns in multivariate data. A recent technique, called Linkable Scatterplots, provides an interesting idea for interactive visual exploration which provides a set of necessary plot panels on demand together with interaction, linking and brushing. This article presents a controlled study with a mixed-model design to evaluate the effectiveness and user experience on the visual exploration when using a Sequential-Scatterplots who a single plot is shown at a time, Multiple-Scatterplots who number of plots can be specified and shown, and Simultaneous-Scatterplots who all plots are shown as a scatterplot matrix. Results from the study demonstrated higher accuracy using the Multiple-Scatterplots visualization, particularly in comparison with the Simultaneous-Scatterplots. While the time taken to complete tasks was longer in the Multiple-Scatterplots technique, compared with the simpler Sequential-Scatterplots, Multiple-Scatterplots is inherently more accurate. Moreover, the Multiple-Scatterplots technique is the most highly preferred and positively experienced technique in this study. Overall, results support the strength of Multiple-Scatterplots and highlight its potential as an effective data visualization technique for exploring multivariate data.
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